Mega Kingdom B.V.


Mega Kingdom B.V. is a consultancy and trading company between China and the European Union special the Netherlands.


The Chinese like the Dutch business climate. Moreover, our geographical location is a huge plus. For these reasons, many Chinese multinationals and medium-sized companies locate their European head offices in the Netherlands.


Switching between Europe and China

Especially for Chinese parties who want to make acquisitions in Europe, and in the Netherlands in particular, Mega Kingdom B.V. is an international team of specialists , that provides the link between European and Chinese business. Our staff can speak fluent Dutch, English, Mandarin and Cantonese.


Mega Kingdom B.V. acts as an adviser for:

Chinese companies with acquisition plans in Europe and in the Netherlands in particular

Chinese organisations interested in investing in Europe

European companies seeking partnerships with Chinese parties


Mega Kingdom B.V. offers support with:

Identifying suitable acquisition candidates or partners

Achieving transactions

Removing barriers in local and international capital markets

Improving management performance and business results



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